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The Skincare Star of Eastland Face and Body

The Skincare Star of Eastland Face and Body

Are you looking for a new skincare regimen? Give Epionce a try.This paraben and sulfate-free skincare is great for all skin types. Epionce targets inflammation caused by skin irritation and can accelerate the aging process.

Here at Eastland Face and Body, we care deeply for all things beauty. We understand that skincare is more than washing your face with simple soap and water. With proper care and effective products, you can have flawless skin that can add to your natural beauty for many years to come. With our in-house skincare line, Epionce, we can help you on your journey to beautiful, vibrant skin.

In 2002, dermatologist Carl Thornfeldt, partnered with a chemist to create Episciences, Inc. With a great deal of work and dedication, they launched their first product line in October. Dr. Thornfeldt understood the importance of having a proven clinical backing with his product and went through rigorous clinical studies so that his skincare line could be proven extremely effective, and it worked! Study participants and physician investigators both saw the same anti-aging results without the irritation or reaction that would usually come with retinol use. Today, Epionce skincare is the 2015 Aesthetic Industry Awards winner of “Best Topical Skincare” and two-time recipient of the “Cleanser You Can Really Feel Working” award in the Beauty Choice Awards presented by New Beauty Magazine.

So why the fuss? What makes Epionce one of the leading skincare lines for all skin types? It is because their products work, the results last and do not cause any irritation and inflammation when in use. This paraben- and sulfate-free skincare is great for all skin types. Epionce focuses on repairing the barrier of your skin which is altered daily. The air, pollution, even your common household products, can cause irritation to skin. Epionce strives to rebuild that barrier with their skincare line. This skincare line also targets the inflammation that is caused by the irritation of the barrier of your skin. This inflammation can accelerate the aging process in skin. WIth Epionce, your skin is protected and nourished to a new and beautiful vibrancy.

Visit us at our location to find out more about Epionce. Grab your new skincare obsession today. Epionce never disappoints.