Spring Break 2020: Time to get your laster hair removal

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Now is the time to get your laser hair removal for Spring Break 2020

Now is the time to get your laser hair removal for Spring Break 2020

It’s a new year!  That means people are busy working on those New Year’s resolutions.  Gyms are full of people working out, people are focusing on their diets, and trying to shed those holiday pounds.  It also means something else:  Spring Break is only 2 months away.  It will be here before you know it.

While you’re busy lifting those weights and doing those crunches, there are things you shouldn’t forget if you’re into being toned and tanned and ready for the beach, like Laser hair removal.

What’s the point of looking great if you’re going to be hairy or have to shave every day?  Razor burn doesn’t do you any favors for your skin.

That’s why so many people are coming to Eastland Face and Body, the premier location for laser hair removal in Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Independence, and Kansas City, Missouri.

One recent visitor was Hayley Hendrickson.  Check out her blog here at www.hayleyhendrickson.com.  Hayley is a fitness guru who specializes in lifestyle and fitness.  She was recently in our spa getting her first laser hair removal treatment.

“It was amazing!  It didn’t hurt that much and Jennifer did a great job.  I’m looking forward to throwing away my razor for good!

Like Hayley, getting rid of that razor is one, if not the best, thing about laser hair removal.  Many patients tell us that the silky smooth legs are nice, but not having to shave every day is the best part.  Imagine not having to buy those expensive razors again.

It seems like there are a lot of places that do laser hair removal these days.  But we believe where you have it done matters.  At Eastland Face and Body, we use the latest technology to get people the smooth, beautiful skin that they desire.  The Cutera laser is state of the art, and in the hands of trained medical professionals, the results are superb.

Now is the perfect time to begin treatments to be ready for spring break and summer.  A full package typically consists of three to four sessions, depending on what areas you’re treating.  The Cutera laser eliminates the unwanted hair with minimal discomfort.  Each treatment is spaced 1-2 weeks apart.  That’s why it’s important to start as soon as possible if you’re wanting to have those results for spring break.  It really is true: Summer bodies are made in the winter!

And remember, while it’s great for the ladies to have smooth legs and bikini areas, laser hair removal is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments for men, too.  The chest, back, and under-arms are great for laser treatments.  Here’s a great article about laser hair removal from Vogue Magazine:

If you’re wanting to get these treatments done by spring break, now is the perfect time to book your appointment.  All laser packages are 20% off in January.  Go online or call and book your appointment today!



Vogue Magazine link: https://www.vogue.com/article/laser-hair-removal-is-it-worth-it