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5 benefits of CoolSculpting

5 benefits of CoolSculpting

We are our own worst critics, and summer can bring about extra body image insecurities when we start thinking about pool time and summer tanks. When diet and exercise aren’t quite doing the trick, CoolSculpting is an effective treatment that freezes away fat from trouble spots, so that you can feel hot this summer! Here are 5 ways that you can benefit from a CoolSculpting treatment with the experts at Eastland Face & Body.

Permanent fat reduction

CoolSculpting is not just a fad or trend that temporarily treats our least favorite areas on our body, just so that they can reappear again in a couple of days! For those spots that we have trouble getting to disappear, CoolSculpting destroys the fat cells and completely removes them from the body. This means that those same fat cells cannot return to haunt you! In treated areas, there is a 20-25% fat reduction that will remain permanent!

Short treatment period

Don’t worry about packing an overnight bag or blocking off your calendar for CoolSculpting! One of the positives of the treatment is that it is completed in 1 day (or should we say hours)! For best results, you may need multiple sessions, depending on the scope of the area, but it doesn’t take a long time for the results to start gradually making your body look better… in a natural way! CoolSculpting is definitely a commitment that you can fit into your busy schedule.

No stress or hassle

At Eastland Face & Body, we offer a relaxing, spa-like treatment environment that will have you feeling comfortable during your CoolSculpting treatment. Don’t stress about using vacation days from work or letting your non-profit know that you’ll be out of pocket for a while. There is no stress or hassle to prepare for your treatment and afterwards, there is no recovery time! Feel free to continue your day as you normally would after the procedure. 

Proven safe

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has deemed CoolSculpting safe. We don’t use anesthesia which makes it a very low-risk treatment for most people with healthy habits. There are few side effects or adverse outcomes to CoolSculpting, which takes your worries away when you schedule this non-invasive fat-freezing procedure! It doesn’t require cuts, medications, or anything that could cause an allergic reaction! The Aesthetic Surgery Journal reported that less than 1% of people have experienced complications, such as redness or bruising. 

No risk of scarring

CoolSculpting simply uses a tool to cool certain parts of your body to freezing temperature. The skin barrier is not broken or compromised, which removes any risk of infection or scarring. No matter if you’re self-conscious about your thighs, love handles, or stomach, you can expect a non-invasive procedure that no one will even know that you’ve had! It can be your little secret if you want, as there won’t be any traces of the treatment besides the fat that goes missing!

If you have stubborn fat that is resisting your early morning workouts and clean diet, then come on in to Eastland Face & Body and we’ll freeze it away! Our CoolSculpting specialists have undergone in-depth training and are certified to ensure your safety. Contact us at (816) 308-8117 to make an appointment or chat more about CoolSculpting!